Value Added Tax information for ANDREW MORRIS GOLF LIMITED

VAT Record: GB989458339

Company name on VAT Registration:ANDREW MORRIS GOLF LIMITED
VAT number (VAT ID):GB989458339
Jurisdiction of VAT number:United Kindom (UK)
Issuing Authority of VAT number:HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs)
VAT status: Valid VAT Number
Address on VAT Registration:LAGANVIEW GOLF CENTRE
BT27 5SY
Period when VAT number issued: Issued before November 2009
Last checked by us:2017-01-12

ANDREW MORRIS GOLF's VAT Number is GB989458339

Company Information

Legal name of company: ANDREW MORRIS GOLF LIMITED
Company Registration Number: NI611946
Company Status: Active
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Jurisdiction Authority: Companies House
Incorporation date: 2012-03-28
Company/Entity type: Private Limited Company
Registered office address: 6 ANNADALE AVENUE
Previous legal names of company: No name changes of the legal name of the company have been made or recorded

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