Value Added Tax information for GB248112326

VAT Record: GB248112326

Company name on VAT Registration:VOID - number is no longer valid
VAT number (VAT ID):GB 248112326    (248-112-32)
Jurisdiction of VAT number:United Kindom (UK)
Issuing Authority of VAT number:HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs)
VAT status: Invalid VAT Number - revoked, expired or never issued
Period when VAT number issued: Issued after November 2009
Last checked by us:2017-03-02

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Changes detected for VAT number GB248112326

2017-04-21Change of VAT registration status detected. VAT GB248112326 number has been cancelled. Last seen as valid on 2017-03-02
2017-04-21VAT Number GB248112326 was registered to AMANDA BANNER 3777 LTD at address 209 AMBLECOTE ROAD BRIERLEY HILL WEST MIDLANDS DY5 2PR

Historic Relationship

Notice:The VAT number GB248112326 was historically associated with this company below however the VAT Number is no longer active so can no longer be used.

Company Information

Legal name of company: AMANDA BANNER 3777 LTD
Company Registration Number: 10123778
Company Status: Active - Proposal to Strike off
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Jurisdiction Authority: Companies House
Incorporation date: 2016-04-14
Company/Entity type: Private Limited Company
Industry SIC Codes: None Supplied
Registered office address: GROUND FLOOR 28 STATION ROAD
BA12 9BR
Previous legal names of company: No name changes of the legal name of the company have been made or recorded

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