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Value Added Tax information for DBM CONTRACTS LTD

VAT Record: GB130459043

Company name on VAT Registration:
VAT number:GB 130459043
VAT ID: 130-459-043
Jurisdiction of VAT number:United Kindom (UK)
Issuing Authority of VAT number:HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs)
VAT status: Valid VAT Number
Address on VAT Registration:85 SYCAMORE FOREST HILLS
BT34 2FN
Period when VAT number issued: Issued after November 2009
Estimated date VAT number issued: June 2011
Last checked by us:2019-10-19

DBM CONTRACTS's VAT Number is GB130459043

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Company Information

Legal name of company: DBM CONTRACTS LIMITED
Company Registration Number: NI605595
Company Status: Active
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Jurisdiction Authority: Companies House
Incorporation date: 2010-12-23
Company/Entity type: Private Limited Company
Industry SIC Codes: 41201 - Construction of commercial buildings
Registered office address: 85 SYCAMORE
BT34 2FN
Previous legal names of company: No name changes of the legal name of the company have been made or recorded

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